Restaurant: Young’s Cafe

Vinegar Beef at Young's Cafe

Vinegar Beef at Young's Cafe

Young’s Cafe may be a touch westernized in it’s approach to traditional Vietnamese cooking, but they have good food at affordable prices. While traditional Vietnamese noodle bowls (also known as Pho) are off the low-carb diet list, this restaurant has a number of low-carb friendly options.

Personally my favorite is the Vinegar Beef. It’s tender slices of beef marinaded in a sweet vinegar glaze. It does have some added sugar, but not so much that this dish cannot be an occasional treat. It’s served with cilantro, tomatoes and onions. If you forgo the side of rice, this can be a decent low-carb meal.

My boyfriend’s favorite dish at Young’s is their Pork in Clay Pot. A steaming clay pot filled with flavorful, succulent pork. It really is a must try for anyone living the low-carb lifestyle in Fort Collins. I do enjoy the dish, but I wish it came with some veggies.

One note to keep in mind: dinner here is a better low-carb option than lunch. Lunch is more affordable, but automatically comes with rice on the plate (instead of in a separate serving bowl), and also comes with an eggroll. This is not to say you cannot order lunch here, you just need to keep this in mind and either just not eat the carb-rich sides or ask your server to not include them (I always ask for extra veggies as a substitute).

Otherwise, many of their dishes are very low-carb friendly – generous helpings of chicken, beef or seafood sauteed with vegetables in a variety of sauces. Just say “no thank you” to the side of rice and you’re good to go. Just watch the added sugar content in some of the dishes, or ask the wait staff. They are very friendly and helpful and always make us feel welcome.