Restaurant: Taverna Greek Grill

Braised Lamb at Taverna Greek Grill

Braised Lamb at Taverna Greek Grill

Taverna Greek Grill is a great new Greek restaurant here in Ft. Collins. It resides where the old Johnny Carinos had been for many years. We’ve eaten there now about 3-4 times and have had an excellent experience every time. The staff is attentive, the management is very friendly – checking with every table to make sure their meal and experience is great, and the food is wonderful. On top of that, every so often the staff stops serving to dance around the restaurant to traditional Greek music and the rhythmic clapping of patrons, followed by a traditional “breaking-of-the-plates” (often done by children that are invited to come up and throw the plates towards the kitchen).

What’s best is that the restaurant is very accommodating to our low-carb needs. In fact on one occasion when the kitchen was a little behind with our order, they brought out an appetizer platter of dips, and remembering our low-carb requirements, substituted the traditional pita bread with large cucumber and tomato slices instead. Wow!

Right now my favorite dishes include their roasted lemon chicken and their braised lamb. The braised lamb is an absolutely *must have*. The succulent tomato sauce and the tender lamb is to die for. I just ask for spinach instead of potatoes and it becomes a perfect low-carb meal.

I definitely highly recommend this restaurant for the food, service and fun. It’s a great night out!