Restaurant: Jay’s Bistro

Salmon Summer Special at Jay's Bistro

Salmon Summer Special at Jay's Bistro

Jay’s Bistro is one of my favorite “special occasion” restaurants for dinner, and a great meet-up place for lunch (I host a monthly meet-up here for folks interested in Web Analytics). They have a classy atmosphere, excellent staff, and fabulous food (if you’re noticing a trend in my reviews – I’m only reviewing places with great food – if a place doesn’t have great food, I won’t give them any free publicity).

Jay’s has excellent low-carb options, like the Salmon on their Summer Specials menu. It comes with a quinoa pilaf and seared spinach. They are also happy to modify many dishes to be low-carb upon request – instead of mashed potatoes I often opt for either seared spinach or asparagus (sometimes both!).

One of the other excellent dishes is their Lamb Shank. It’s different but equally as good as the Lamb Shank from Taverna I reviewed the other day. I also really love their Bouillabaisse, I just ask them to leave out the noodles these days. It’s a flavorful broth chock full of fresh seafood (fish, mussels, clams, shrimp – yum!). Also their Filet Mignon and Venison options are excellent.

If you’re looking for a low-carb special occasion option, Jay’s is wonderful. They also have a surprisingly reasonable lunch menu, which is about a third of the cost of their dinner menu. Only one warning – do not be tempted by their Lobster Mac and Cheese. It is sinfully good, but will kick you off the low-carb wagon big time!