Getting Back on the Low-Carb Wagon

I realize I haven’t blogged on this site for awhile and I thought I’d post an update. I’ve been traveling a *lot* since early February, and because of that I completely fell off the low-carb wagon. It’s nearly impossible to avoid carbs when attending conferences or trying to grab a quick bite at an airport while running to catch a connecting flight.

Now that I’m back I need to get back into the low-carb lifestyle, along with trying to drop a dress size so I can fit into my wedding dress before July. To that end I am going to attempt to add juicing to my low-carb lifestyle. My plan is to do mostly veggie & some fruit juicing for breakfast & lunch, and then having a good low-carb meal for dinner (which would consist of 6oz+ of lean protein and a side of veggies, and occasionally a whole grain/seed like quinoa or barley).

In addition I’ll also be attempting to re-introduce exercise into my lifestyle (it’s nearly impossible to find time to work out when you’re constantly on the road). My challenge is to find a fun activity to do. I have always found exercise exceedingly boring, and often when I try to make it more fun, I end up injuring myself (I can’t win for losing sometimes). There is always walking the dogs, and perhaps I’ll supplement that with some “Just Dance” which I got for our Wii.

I will be posting my progress, along with any good juicing recipes I find. I also will continue to add low-carb recipes and the occasional Northern Colorado restaurant review as well.

Wish me luck!