El Monte Grill

El Monte Grille

Veracruzana (Red Snapper) at El Monte Grill

El Monte is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise run down location. It’s near the Chuck E. Cheese on College and Prospect.

I’d classify this restaurant as “Mexican Fusion.” They try and blend authentic Mexican cuisine with an upscale, American flair, and I think they succeed very well at it.

Admittedly they do have a lot of dishes with tortillas which are not low-carb, but they have a few dishes that are either good low-carb options, or can be made so with a simple substitution or two.

My personal favorite is their Veracruzana – a delicious red snapper served with roasted veggies, and I swap out the mashed potatoes for a side order of beans. They also have a lovely 12 ounce Rib-Eye served with a cheese relleno that can also get the beans for potatoes swap. My favorite appetizer is their cevice, which they change daily. The last time I had it, it was a mahi mahi “cooked” in lime juice with cilantro and other spices. Absolutely delicious!

So if you love Mexican, and enjoy a meal with a bit of upscale flair, I’d highly recommend this as a low-carb friendly option.