Eating Low-Carb in Northern Colorado

Welcome to NoCo Carb Conscious. My boyfriend and I embarked on our low-carb journey about two months ago, and been exploring new ways of both eating out (we eat out *a lot*) and cooking.

The first thing that struck me is how integral processed carbs and high starch foods are to our every day diets – everything from pizza to potatoes, and everything in-between. A lot of my favorite foods contained carbs: pizza, spaghetti, sushi, chicken noodle soup (the list goes on, but you get my point).

As I said, we eat out a lot, which presented the first set of challenges for us. Thankfully most of our favorite restaurants have been very accommodating to our needs and have even come up with some creative low-carb ways to serve some of our favorite dishes.

The other challenge was cooking low-carb – no more baked potatoes, noodles or rice as a side-dish. No more toast to go with those morning scrambled eggs. Also trying to find a good low-carb sweetener was at first a challenge.

This blog will be a combination of restaurant reviews, or even occasionally reviews of specific dishes at a restaurant that we’ve been to multiple times, and recipes I have prepared (I’ll only post the ones that came out good, I promise!).

  • Frank Hagan

    Good luck on your low carb blog!

    Eating out is always a challenge, even things that shouldn’t have carbs, like ribs, have a ton because of the sugar in the sauce.

    • Anonymous

      You’re right about that Frank and I do plan on addressing things like added sugars in my blog posts, and even pointing out additional modifications if folks are on a specific low-carb plan (like Atkins), or are more like me and are just avoiding most of the processed carbs and starches out there.

  • Tara

    Good for you! Add in vegetarian and there’s even more challenge. 😉

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I think trying to do low-carb and vegetarian would be nearly impossible!