Getting Back on the Low-Carb Wagon

I realize I haven’t blogged on this site for awhile and I thought I’d post an update. I’ve been traveling a *lot* since early February, and because of that I completely fell off the low-carb wagon. It’s nearly impossible to avoid carbs when attending conferences or trying to grab a quick bite at an airport while running to catch a connecting flight.

Now that I’m back I need to get back into the low-carb lifestyle, along with trying to drop a dress size so I can fit into my wedding dress before July. To that end I am going to attempt to add juicing to my low-carb lifestyle. My plan is to do mostly veggie & some fruit juicing for breakfast & lunch, and then having a good low-carb meal for dinner (which would consist of 6oz+ of lean protein and a side of veggies, and occasionally a whole grain/seed like quinoa or barley).

In addition I’ll also be attempting to re-introduce exercise into my lifestyle (it’s nearly impossible to find time to work out when you’re constantly on the road). My challenge is to find a fun activity to do. I have always found exercise exceedingly boring, and often when I try to make it more fun, I end up injuring myself (I can’t win for losing sometimes). There is always walking the dogs, and perhaps I’ll supplement that with some “Just Dance” which I got for our Wii.

I will be posting my progress, along with any good juicing recipes I find. I also will continue to add low-carb recipes and the occasional Northern Colorado restaurant review as well.

Wish me luck!

I’m Being Bad for the Holidays!

Holiday Cookies

Holiday Cookies

The holidays are once again upon us, and this is the only time of year that I throw all caution, and low-carb eating, to the wind. I have far too many happy, childhood memories surrounding the baking of bread, cookies, and other carb-loaded treats. I can ignore my cravings for 11 months out of the year, but in Decemeber my will power disappears and goes into hibernation.

I figure if I’m good with my diet and exercise (and I keep up that exercise throughout December), than the carb-loaded indulgences I allow myself during the holidays shouldn’t be so bad. I save all my “cheats” for this time of year, because this is the only time of year my carb cravings are overwhelming.

Are you following a low-carb lifestyle? How do you handle the holidays? Do you stick to your guns and refuse any and all carb-laden offerings, do you indulge in just the littlest of nibbles here and there, or do go whole-hog and just dive into all the carby goodness? Please leave a comment – I’d love to hear from you!

Low-Carb for Life

Low Carb GirlI have been eating a low-carb diet off-and-on now for many years (more off than on, unfortunately). Every time I go low-carb I lose weight, every time I fall off the wagon, I gain it all back, and then some. It’s clear that living a low-carb lifestyle for the rest of my life is what I need in order to stay at a healthy weight.

As of today I have lost a total of 14lbs this year and need to take off exactly 20lbs in order to get to my healthy weight. My boyfriend has lost 17lbs and has reached his healthy weight already (lucky duck!).

Seeing the weight come off again is motivating me to want to live a low-carb lifestyle, not just “diet.” I know the biggest challenge will be to continue once the weight is off. That’s always been my problem – I lose the weight, and then go back to eating like I did before.

Since my boyfriend and I are doing this together, it’s definitely easier and we can check each other if we want to cheat. I think doing this together will make it easier to help each other stay on track with the lifestyle as well. I’m sure we’ll fall off the wagon once in awhile here and there. The trick is to keep getting back on it right away.

Wish us luck! 🙂

Low Carb Girl

Eating Low-Carb in Northern Colorado

Welcome to NoCo Carb Conscious. My boyfriend and I embarked on our low-carb journey about two months ago, and been exploring new ways of both eating out (we eat out *a lot*) and cooking.

The first thing that struck me is how integral processed carbs and high starch foods are to our every day diets – everything from pizza to potatoes, and everything in-between. A lot of my favorite foods contained carbs: pizza, spaghetti, sushi, chicken noodle soup (the list goes on, but you get my point).

As I said, we eat out a lot, which presented the first set of challenges for us. Thankfully most of our favorite restaurants have been very accommodating to our needs and have even come up with some creative low-carb ways to serve some of our favorite dishes.

The other challenge was cooking low-carb – no more baked potatoes, noodles or rice as a side-dish. No more toast to go with those morning scrambled eggs. Also trying to find a good low-carb sweetener was at first a challenge.

This blog will be a combination of restaurant reviews, or even occasionally reviews of specific dishes at a restaurant that we’ve been to multiple times, and recipes I have prepared (I’ll only post the ones that came out good, I promise!).